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We’ve Filed Cards with the NMB

We've Filed Cards with the NMB (195 downloads)

Dear American Airlines Mechanics & Related Employees:

It has been almost a year to the day since we started receiving your personally signed Authorization for Representation cards. We’re proud to announce that today, on your behalf, we filed your cards with the National Mediation Board (NMB). At the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA), we understand your frustration is high with your current representation and we are honored to have the opportunity to become your chosen representative, pending a successful representation election.

We would like to thank you for placing your confidence in AMFA. We appreciate all of your hard work and would like to particularly recognize the diligence of your grassroots AA Organizing Committee. This New-American Airlines (AA) card drive over the last year is a major accomplishment, and the AA organizers’ grass-roots efforts have earned full credit for this moment in history. These dedicated individuals have done an impressive job and kept records and research dating back more than two decades to get us to where we are today.

Now that we have filed, the NMB, the federal government’s regulatory agency, will begin its investigation period. Due to COVID restrictions we may see some normal timelines affected. Over the next several days, the NMB will assign an NMB Docket Number and an Investigator. American Airlines will be required to provide a list of potential eligible voters and signature samples for each employee on the list. Then, over the next several months the NMB Investigator will, among other things, conduct an investigation of the authenticity of your overwhelming number of signed authorization cards. The Investigator will also assess the eligibility of voters based on determination of the Mechanics and Related Employees Craft or Class to ensure that a majority sought an election for union representation. And finally, the investigator will schedule dates and deadlines for the distribution of voting instructions for a Representation Dispute Election, which will be conducted by Telephone and Internet.

Again, we would like to thank all of you who have participated in the grassroots efforts to collect Authorization for Representation cards from the professionals that fall under the Craft or Class of Mechanics and Related Employees of your Title I, Title II, and Title IV workgroups: Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMT), Overhaul Support Mechanic (OSM), GSE-Automotive Technicians (GSE), Aircraft Machinists, Aircraft Welders, Facility Maintenance Technicians (FMT) Aircraft Cleaners, Aircraft Platers, Parts Washers, Aircraft Planners, QA Auditors, and Tech Doc Specialists. We encourage you to keep up the hard work in your final push towards a representational vote with the NMB.

Understand, your current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is an agreement between the workgroup and the carrier and, therefore, will remain in effect until it reaches the amendable date; changes in union representation do not impact your current CBA.

Regardless of the current propaganda and negative attacks on AMFA, we have no intention of denigrating your current Association, its agents, or the situation. We assure you that we will only present factual information about AMFA and our track record, so you can make an informed decision. For those of you who are not familiar with AMFA, we are the only craft-specific, independent aviation union representing aircraft technicians and related employees within the entire industry.

Why choose AMFA? We respect employee choice. We are a democracy and that is why in AMFA, members really do run the union, not the bosses in NY or DC. Do you want a craft- specific union where every nickel and dime spent, and every thought of every second of every day is about your craft, or do you want the dual larger industrial unions of many crafts and hope that some of those resources float your way?

About AMFA:

  1. AMFA currently represents Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air, and Southwest Airlines Mechanics & Related workgroups, including AMTs, FMTs, GSEs, Mx Control, Tech Instructors, and Appearance Techs,
  2. Members elect AND can recall all Local & National Officers,
  3. Members must approve any changes to AMFA’s constitution or bylaws, including proposed dues increases,
  4. Members vote on all CBAs and LOAs,
  5. AMFA’s dues rate is the lowest in the industry – two times your base hourly wage,
  6. AMFA negotiated for and represents two of the highest paid AMT groups among commercial passenger carriers: Southwest #1 and Alaska #4,
  7. AMFA has open contract negotiations where member observers can watch negotiations, holding the company and their union accountable,
  8. AMFA maintains highly trained NTSB aircraft accident/incident “Go Teams” to protect our members’ interests,
  9. AMFA has established a Professional Standards Program and trains representatives for these positions,
  10. AMFA is member-controlled, and laser focused on craft-specific and related

We are honored by your faith in AMFA and promise to work hard on your behalf, and we pledge to represent, raise the standards, and increase the recognition of the professionals that fall under the Craft or Class of Mechanics and Related Employees at American Airlines.

If you need more information, or you have a pressing matter, please call our offices at 303-752- 2632.

In Solidarity,

Gene Painter

Assistant National Director


AMFA-AA Organizing Committee:

Understanding that COVID-19 has dramatically affected our personal and professional lives, and that this pandemic has stifled our ability to communicate face-to-face, the AMFA National Executive Committee (NEC) would like to try to bring everyone up to date on the current authorization for representation card drive at American Airlines.

Currently, the AMFA-AA Organizing Committee has been working hard in collecting cards to warrant a filing with the National Mediation Board (NMB) and ultimately an election. While the number of cards that have been collected is commendable, we would like to see a push to collect additional cards collected over the next 60 days.

Rest assured, AMFA will file a representation dispute with the NMB no later than November 2020, but it is imperative that we have a substantial number of additional signed cards by that time. Because there have been several AMFA organizing attempts in the past, we know we must have the numbers in order to be successful. We want to provide you with the representation you deserve, and AMFA is the only union that can give it to you.

What does all of this mean for you? Let’s break it down. After assessing the situation, the AMFA NEC has found that many of the larger AA stations have individuals who have signed cards in the past but do not have a current signed card on file. We need you to talk to your coworkers who have supported us in the past and explain to them the importance of once again signing an authorization card. Please stress to them that signing a new authorization card will indeed make a difference in your ability to achieve the goal of a representation election.

Understand, if previous card signers do not sign a new authorization card, your chances at achieving an election will be significantly diminished. Their silence ultimately represents a no vote to the NMB.

While it was AMFA’s intention to travel to stations and hold informational meetings, answer questions, and assist your organizers, COVID-19 has precluded us from doing so. It is a less than ideal situation for all of us, but we must rely on you to spread the word, continue your grassroots efforts and talk to your coworkers about what a vote for AMFA means for them. While the IAM/TWU Association brings two unions with differing voices, divided core philosophies, and scattered principles to the table, a vote for AMFA brings one unified voice. AMFA is your voice.

We need every signed card possible. To achieve that we need your help in additional cards being signed and let the Association and the NMB know once and for all that AMFA is your choice, your voice for collective bargaining at American Airlines.

Visit to download your authorization card today, find more information, contact your representative, or to sign up to help. As always, you can contact AMFA with any questions. Thank you for your continued support, together we can make a difference at AA.

In Solidarity,

Gene Painter,
Assistant National Director

To all of our brothers and sisters in M&R AMFA at American Airlines

The time has come for all of us to take a good look in the mirror and ask ourselves, “what are we doing in this mess?” We have a bunch of great people that are behind this AMFA drive, that like you, feel we need to finally have the say we’ve been denied for far too long.

The association has asked for our patience, trust, & support while they get this contract done. We’ve done that. We can not any longer. We are doing a disservice to ourselves, our families, and our profession. We can do better, and we will.

AMFA is the union that has total transparency. AMFA is the union where the membership controls the power. AMFA is the union that allows members to observe negotiations. AMFA is the union where the constitution has allowances for officers to be recalled by the membership. AMFA is the only union that does not try to organize outside of maintenance and related. AMFA is the answer we are looking for. AMFA NOW!!!!

Signing an AMFA card is not a vote for AMFA. All you are doing is telling the NMB (National Mediation Board) that you want your voice heard. The voice that has been denied for far too long. A voice we were told we would have.

Once we get the 50% plus 1 card needed of both the TWU & IAM, and the NMB certifies the cards; then OUR voice will be heard. You will be mailed a ballot; the ballot will have the incumbent (Association), petitioning union (AMFA), and a write-in for your union of choosing, or no union. You then have control of your representation.

We the organizers want to be crystal clear; we need & want ALL groups within M&R to thrive. This effort to rid ourselves of the corrupt association is gonna take effort from everyone within. I encourage all of you to get involved, this will be your union. Ask questions on the web site and educate yourselves with the facts. Don’t just ask your peers, because they might not have the correct answers. We don’t want you swayed with misrepresentations or lies.

So, sign a card; get a friend to sign a card. Let’s all go get the union that will best serve us.

In true solidarity,

The AMFA organizing committee


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IAM Threatens Members Healthcare — AMFA Protects Members Healthcare

AMFA’s Initial Position Statement (1129 downloads)

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We've Filed Cards with the NMB (195 downloads)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why AMFA?

    We believe that AMFA is the only union that can draw enough support among the former LUS and LAA groups to unseat the Association. This is based on the facts that the TWU and IAM will not run against each other due to the Jim Little agreement and the actions of the Teamsters withdrawing their filing at LAA without so much as an explanation.

    What about seniority integration?

    Seniority integration has been ruled upon by the arbitrator, in our opinion there is no going back. One only needs to look at what happened once USAPA replaced ALPA at US Airways and attempted to overturn ALPA arbitrated decision on seniority integration. What followed was years of ligation and the inability to ever reach a collective bargaining agreement. If we are successful in replacing the Association, the arbitrator’s decision will stand, we must move forward not backwards.

    Why Now?

    The TWU and IAM are always accusing AMFA of showing up at the wrong time and or interfering with negotiations. This drive began in November of 2019 and it’s not hard to imagine that the threat of a membership uprising helped push the Association to expedite negotiations, resulting in a JCBA. We believe the time has come to remove the Association simply because two separate unions with different belief structures and priorities is unworkable long term. We must come together under one leadership and move forward as a single membership.

    Who Will Lead?

    Once the filing occurs, we will go to our supporters and elect local leaders at each station, these will be temporary until a full election can be run. It should take just a few months to setup full elections at each station. AMFA National will represent the group to the company until we can get duly elected representatives.

    If a contract has not been reached, our members can elect a group of negotiators to unite with AMFA National and their legal team to continue bargaining, this can be done even before full elections occur.

    What About Negotiations?

    Now that our JCBA has been ratified, our current contract will remain in place until its amendable date in 2025. At that time AMFA will enter section 6 negotiations with the company. Contract negotiation rules can be found in Article XXIII of the AMFA Constitution.

    How Long will this take?

    AMFA filed for an election with the National Mediation Board on November 13, 2020.The Company has submitted its list of eligible employees. Due to Covid-19, the NMB is short-staffed which makes it very difficult to predict a time line. The NMB is currently performing an audit of our authorization cards. Our hope is to get an election well before spring.

    Who is Eligible to sign?

    The easiest way to answer this is the government’s decision on the mechanics craft and class, the following link has the NMB determination document regarding Craft or Class issues from the merger.

    Who leads AMFA today?

    National Director of AMFA: Bret Oestreich. Bret was an American Airlines mechanic in Tulsa, OK from 1996-2012 before leaving to go to Southwest Airlines.

    Assistant National Director of AMFA: Gene Painter.

    Who started this drive?

    This drive was started by a group of employees around the system from both LUS and LAA. We believe that the Association is not viable long term, whether they can reach a contract or not. We seek to unify our two groups together under one leadership, so we can move forward together not separate as the TWU/IAM Association.

    Will AMFA represent Non-Mechanics in their representation and support?

    (Machinist, welders, platers, OSM’s, composites, facilities maintenance and ground service equipment employees, planners, schedulers, and auditors, ect.)

    YES! The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association is a craft specific, independent aviation union. AMFA is not an industrial union and represents only aircraft maintenance technicians and related employees in the craft or class in accordance with the National Mediation Board Rules and their dictates. AMFA is committed to elevating the professional standing of technicians and to achieving progressive improvements in the wages, benefits, and working conditions of the skilled craftsmen and women it represents. (Mechanic and Related Employees craft or class has been determined by the National Mediation Board, NOT the Company NOT the Union!)

    Labor Attorney Lee Seham explains NMB definition of craft or class

    sign a card today

    Tell the NMB You Want Your Voice Heard

    Signing an AMFA card is not a vote for AMFA. All you are doing is telling the NMB (National Mediation Board) that you want your voice heard. The voice that has been denied for far too long. A voice we were told we would have.

    About AMFA

    The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association is a craft specific, independent aviation union. It is not an industrial union and represents only aircraft maintenance technicians and related employees in the craft or class in accordance with the National Mediation Board Rules and their dictates. AMFA is committed to elevating the professional standing of technicians and to achieving progressive improvements in the wages, benefits, and working conditions of the skilled craftsmen and women it represents.

    AMFA was created in 1962 but did not represent any carrier until 1964 at Ozark Airlines. It later represented Pacific Airlines, Airlift International, Hughes Airwest, Southern Airways, Northwest Airlines, Horizon Air, Independence Air, United Airlines, and ATA. AMFA’s craft specific union now represents aircraft maintenance technicians and related support personnel at Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air and Southwest Airlines. Except for negotiations under bankruptcy, AMFA has never accepted concessions, give-backs, two-tier pay scales, or “B” rate mechanics. One reason for this is that the local airline representatives, who are well-acquainted with their respective airline’s problems, are at the bargaining table with the national officers. AMFA also believes in having its members attend and observe contract negotiations through its “open negotiations” concept. Although this is considered by many to be a novel idea, AMFA has been doing this in negotiations for years, and it has helped both sides to understand the problems and issues that must be resolved at the bargaining table.


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