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Join AMFA. We are a craft-specific, independent aviation union dedicated to the interests of our members, our standards and our craft. Here our members always have a voice and get to use it, whether they are electing officers, ratifying new bylaws or voting on issues that arise in real time. Rather than operating autocratically like the TWU/IAM Association, we get our power from the membership and are constitutionally bound to put our members first. And our focus on craft and class lets us elevate our position in the industry, instead of being one of many and causing our ranks to decline. We're here for our members with transparency, accountability and choice. We look forward to the opportunity to unify and represent your group under one union.

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Your Next Steps With AMFA.

It's time for unified representation. You've proven that you want a change and submitted your signed cards. Now we wait for the National Mediation Board (NMB) to complete their verification process. Once the NMB verifies all the signed authorization cards, and they reach an overwhelming number, they will formally announce a vote. Ballots will go out to eligible American Airlines employees who will then have a 3 to 4-week period to respond. At the end of that time, the decision will be announced and, if the vote goes in our favor, AMFA will have the great privilege to welcome our newest brothers and sisters into the membership.

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